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“Feasibility Study”


Feasibility study is the preparatory study before project investment and engineering construction. It includes recent and future market need, status of resource, energy and technique cooperation, optimal procedure & related appliances, plant location & layout, organization system and staff training, construction & investment expenses, funding & repayment pattern, production cost, investment effect etc.. Feasibility study for administrative approval is carried out according to project proposal’s official reply, and is regarded as the reference for final start-up of a project. The content is more detailed and accurate, and the investment estimation is more reasonable. Feasibility study for non-administrative approval is the important reference for internal investment decisions on project of a corporation.

1. Research Methods & Models
Summary Project Construction Party & Project Introduction
Necessity of Project Construction Background & Necessity Analysis of Project Construction
Market Analysis Analysis on Macro-economy & Industries
Project Location Geographical Location, Natural Condition & Environment Nearby
Objective & Positioning Analysis on Project Objective & Function Positioning
Construction Plan Design Instruction of Construction, Water Supply & Drainage, Strong/Weak Current, Heating & Ventilation Plan
Municipal Utilities, Removal & Relocation Water Supply, Water Drainage, Electricity Supply, Telecommunication, Removal & Relocation
Comment on Environmental Influence Environment Protection, Wastewater Treatment, Garbage Collection, Gas Emission, Noise Control
Energy Conservation Energy Conservation on Building & Appliances
Operation Management Legal Person System, Operation Management Mode & Tactics
Project Schedule Arrangement of Construction Period & Procedure
Investment Estimation & Fundraising Range, Reference & Content of Investment Estimation, and Fundraising Source & Investment Procedure
Analysis on Financial Performance Forecast of Revenues & Cost, Analysis on Profit, Tax, Financial Index & Sensitivity
Risk Analysis & Solution Suggestion Risk & Solutions to Finance, Operation, Merchant Recruitment and Policies
Conclusion & Recommendations Conclusion & Recommendations
2. Related Cases