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“Industry Research”

  When companies decide or adjust their development strategy, it has to be carried out by external environment research and internal resources evaluation. Usually, companies know the micro-market of industries through their own marketing network. However the illusion (especially the false prosperity) in the micro-market often misleads the judgment and comprehensiveness of the big picture of the industries. In a fully competitive age, a company should understand the movements of competitors and the operation of entire industry system besides internal status.  
  Industry research thoroughly and systematically researches the entire industry and main players’ growing status & developing trend. The meaning of it is not to teach how marketing operations are done, but to provide several ways of thinking and references for decision to companies, in order to avoid mistakes in terms of direction.  

Core content of industry research normally includes the following three aspects:
-Industry background, policies, layout, lifecycle, position in macro-industry structure, growing background and direction of every industry in macro-structure;

-Market characteristics, competitive status, difficulty of market entry and exit, growth of market;

-Competitive tactics and market activity mode under different conditions and during different growing phase, which can offer some operational advices.

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