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“Enterprise Research”


Enterprise Research as Competitor is the research throughout target companies, by methods such as interviewing department directors, managers, industry experts, doing field researches, collecting secondhand information etc., with relevant market study techniques. It aims at helping companies to know their competitors more systematically and deeply, to analyze the actual competitive situation involved in, to provide companies with different research services (e.g. investment & acquisition, market entry, benchmark, market dynamics, remuneration, marketing system, production and R&D, product & production environment, logistics & warehousing etc.), to plan development strategies, to form business portfolio-sales-marketing tactics, to improve management control system, to enhance brand value and competitive advantages.


Competitor Research has two aspects: macro and micro. The former one is a highly condensation of companies’ operation ability and development direction of future market, which reflects the whole growing process, competitive abilities and strategic situation. The latter one focuses on the daily operation status such as sales, production, research status etc., which objectively describe the operational work of companies on the daily bases.

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