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“Business Zone Research”


Business zone is a geographic concept. In terms of industry, business zone is the area in which different categories and formats of retailers do operational activities.

  Business zone research is an indispensable section of commercial real estate development. It is very important to study and know business zone, to accurately analyze it, for the commercial positioning planning, business portfolio forming and the operation after opening up. In the pre-exploitation phase of a commercial project, business zone research provides references and ensures the feasibility of the exploitation, while indicating the direction and references for further strategy generation.  

Concretely speaking, business zone research is a research on population composition, competitive environment, consuming characteristics, purchasing power etc. within the business zone, by adopting specific market research method. The research items are listed as follows:

-Locate the project and the range of business zone, conclude the mode;

-Trading status, pros and cons of environment, road and traffic status of the area which the business zone belongs to;

-Industry research, retail category & format, property management, operation mode;

-Population size & composition, permanent & immigrated population, consuming characteristics, purchasing power and humanity characteristics;

-Lock competitors, investigate their operation status and tactics;

-Other market factors such as policies, rules, city plan etc., which have influence on business zone;

-Evaluate market opportunities and development potentials of the business zone;

-Decide the direction of strategic plan and operation of a commercial project.

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