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“Merchants & Conference”


Merchant Recruitment is the mid-step from construction phase to operation phase of a commercial facility’s exploitation. The competitive advantage and function positioning of the project directly lead to the result that whether recruitment will be successful. At the same time, operation management afterwards is the guarantee for the continuous and stable operation of the whole project.

  Merchant recruitment agency is consulting agent service on various jobs during the whole process or partial process, such as function positioning, recruitment implementation and operation management. It is generated by consulting agent side, which uses its professional advantages and resource advantages. Merchant recruitment agency can help those exploiters to solve the problems of lacking in professional abilities, commercial resources and management human resources etc., to avoid the existence of mismatching between function positioning and exploiters’ own resources, to search for credible and capable merchants; can also give suggestions on policies, finance and management, in order to minimize the operational risk of the exploiters.
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