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“Marketing Consulting”


Facing a more complex market environment and a more fierce competitive challenge, those companies who only rely on product quality and service have experienced a challenge ever seen: product homogeneity be more general, customers be less persuadable, distinctive services be more difficult, outstanding team be less stable etc. In fact, most companies that made remarkable achievement on marketing, is now shifting its marketing work emphasis back inside the company on the establishment of marketing core abilities.

  Marketing consulting is an intelligence-type service & activity derived from customers’ needs, which uses scientific method, defines the problems and reasons for the problems during marketing activities by in-depth investigation and analysis, provides scientific and practical solutions, and guides the implementation of the proposals, in order to enhance the marketing performance of customers.
Marketing consulting can help companies to scientifically analyze the marketing environment, to notice and react to threats from environment and crisis from challenge in time, to discover and create market opportunities; can help companies to overcome the problems existing in marketing, to carry out marketing activities effectively; and spread marketing management knowledge to the companies.

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