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“Consumer Research”


Consumer research is the survey to study how consumers achieve their visions and needs, via recognition,attitudes,motivations,choices,decisions,purchase,using and other phases, which adopts various kinds of techniques and methods, and based on environment(politics,law,society,culture,technology),population characteristics,living styles,economic standards and other basic features.

  Consumers are the essential base of any marketing activities. Consumer research is the foundation of establishing,evaluating and adjusting marketing strategies. It is one component of the market research which is most widely applied, including consumer characteristic research,consumer behavior research and consumer motivation research. Through those three aspects, the data of market segmentation,product positioning,brand management,pricing strategy,new product development,distribution channel building,advertising,promotions,sales forecasting and other activities, can be provided to related industries and enterprises.  
1. Research Methods & Models
Common consumer research can be divided into two categories: Qualitative & Quantitative. The research forms are as follows:
Category Form Way to Carry Out Value & Advantage
Qualitative Focus Group The host will raise a specific topic and discuss it with 8-12 interviewees during about 2h per group meeting.

get some in-depth understanding about some issues; Normally can get some unexpected findings.

In-depth Interview

Have a one-to-one conversation in details with interviewees, which lasts about 1-2h. Dig the true will of interviewees and reveal the feelings and motivations behind their statements.

Door to Door Interview

By picking the interviewees according to Random Sampling Rule, interviewers will enter interviewees’ homes to do interview. More appropriate for a time-lasting questionnaire, for it can display products and show how to use it to the interviewees.

Street Interception

Intercepting the people who meet the filters in busy areas as interviewees. The period of collecting data is short and suitable for the researches of which the interviewees are centralized.

Centrol Location Test

Set a certain area in thriving places to test the interviewees. More suitable for the survey which needs more time compared to street interception and those interviews inconvenient to


Change the questionnaire into program which can be identified by CATI system, and do the survey by phone. The period is short, the randomness is high.

Online survey

Doing the survey through Internet with the help of panel database. Free from time and space restriction, easy to get some specific interviewees.
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