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Mr. Ivan Lu Director&General Manager
MBA, Senior Economist and Chinese registered Consulting Engineer. Consultant of Shanghai World Expo 2010. Bureau participant and member of the Expert Group. Mr. Lu has more than 30 years consulting experience and was formerly in charge of the SICC Project Department. In his consulting career he has taken part in and directed nearly 500 projects, leading the company in service with more than 300 national and overseas enterprises. He has maintained a broad partnership and has cultivated many prestigious goods, real estate ventures and exhibitions.
Study aspect: Management Consulting, Investment Consulting, Market Research.
Representative Cases:
- Plan of World Bank SIERP loan project
- Investment operation study for BCG, Japan in China
- Operation and Implement plan of Shanghai World EXPO.
- Commercial retailing & real estate development consulting for Zhuhai Duty Free Group
- Commercial position of Mingtian Square
- Plot investment opportunity research of Shanghai City-god Temple
Ms. Diana Zhu Senior Consultant
Vice President of the company. Bachelor's degree of Science and qualified Economist. Experience includes four years of large-scale enterprise group engineering design work; three years futures brokerage company transaction management; more than 10 years market research firm study and project management experience; in addition to 10 years enterprise management experience. Clients serviced include: Shanghai Jahwa, China First Pencil, LFX, DHS,HCG,Power Dekor, Bank of Communication, Changxing Intelligent System,Shanghai Science Museum,Shanghai 2010 Expo,Xian 2011 International Horticultural Expo,and Zhuhai Duty-free Group.
Study aspect: Industry and benchmark research; business planning and operation management consulting; investment feasibility study
Representative Cases:
- China SPA industry and benchmarking enterprise research
- Market Research of China High-end Healthcare Services
- Pre-paid stored card and Credit Card Market Research
- Shanghai and Xian Expo Business Planning & Operation Management Consulting
- Shanghai Pudong International Airport Duty-free Market Research & Investment Feasibility Studies
- Industry research of daily chemistry goods
Mr. Neal Wang Senior Consultant
Master degree of Management. Have more than 10 years’ experience in project consulting, independently in charge of more than 50 projects, including overseas ones in Japan, in Chile, etc. Have serviced companies and governmental institutions such as Shanghai Word EXPO. WinesofChile, Franshion Properties, Shanghai Tobacco, SH LINGANG Group, ZHANGJIANG Group, Expo2011 Xi’an, etc.
Study aspect: Industry research, Investment Consulting, Management Consulting.
Representative Cases:
- Shanghai Word EXPO’s consulting project, including overall operation management plan, objective evaluation index system plan, budget control plan for China Pavilion & the Theme Pavilion’s display construction, and logistic operation plan, etc.
- Market opportunity study of Japan BCG vaccination product in China
- China’s wine market research for WinesofChile
- Feasibility study for Franshion Properties’ development of land in Changshan Meixi Lake central area
- Feasibility study of Shanghai Kangqiao’s producer service industry cluster district
- Feasibility study of ZHANGJIANG Group’s semiconductor industry park
Ms. Sandy Chen Senior Consultant
MBA、Dual bachelor degree, qualified in Marketing Specialist and Management Consultant. Have more than 10 years’ experience in market study and project management. Have serviced clients mainly including Shanghai Word EXPO. Bureau, Suntory, Electrolux, Sony, Lawson, SMG group and JUSS Event, etc..
Study aspect: Consumer research, Marketing Plan, Commercial real estate research.
Representative Cases:
- Market research and retail business plan of the franchise product of Shanghai Word EXPO.
- Business zone and commercial establishment research in different cities
- Wine & soft drink consumer research
- Home building materials consumer research
- B2C & C2C e-commerce channel research of clothing and cosmetic industry
- Hotel and relative establishment research in the Yangtse Delta
Ms. Tina Gu Senior Consultant
Master degree of applied mathematics, Bachelor degree of Statistics. Qualified in Economic Engineer and Management Consultant. Have more than 10 years’ experience in market study. Have serviced clients main include JUSS Event, Bank of Communication, Shanghai Word EXPO, Sony and Tiger, etc..
Study aspect: Industry study, Competitive corporation study, Retail study, CSI.
Representative Cases:
- Retail Survey of Home Care Products
- Typical cosmetic brands survey
- Credit Card Market Research
- Minghang Residents Satisfaction Survey on 10 Practical Projects
- Customer Satisfaction Investigation of Laptops’ After Service]
- Evaluation of 2010 EXPO business services system
Mr. Bruce Gao Senior Consultant
Master’s degree of Economics. Have 10 years’ experience in consulting field, and 3years’ experience in IC manufacturing and insulation industry. Have serviced clients main include Shanghai Word EXPO Bureau. Zhejiang Jiaxin Development Company, Xian Horticultural EXPO, Shanghai Oriental Hospital, Shanghai Changxing, Nuplex, etc..
Study aspect: Industry Study, Investment Opportunity, Feasibility Study.
Representative Cases:
- Feasibility study of public service platform in agricultural technology innovation field.
- Investment opportunity study of China red wine market.
- Feasibility study of resin manufacturing factory construction project for Nuplex.
- Shanghai World EXPO logistics operation & management.
- Investment opportunity study of Xian Horticultural EXPO Licensed products.
Ms. Anita Zhang Senior Consultant
Master degree of Business Administration,qualified in Marketing Specialist and Management Consultant.Have 10 years’ experience in market study and management consulting. Have serviced clients mainly include Shanghai Word EXPO. Bureau, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center, MZA Architecture, Harmony Group, Shanghai Jahwa, Suntory, Sony, CHINA TELECOM, etc..
Study aspect: Industry study, Consumer research, Customer Satisfaction Research, Marketing Plan, Commercial real estate research.
Representative Cases:
- Rehabilitation medical industry research
- Support rate research of WorldSkills International competition
- Cultural demand investigation of Shanghai citizens and visitors
- Function plan of Hunan Health Industrial Park
- Commercial real estate consumer satisfaction research
- Cosmetics CS Channels research
Ms. Cher Wang Consultant
Master’s degree of Economics. Have 3 years’ experience in strategy consulting,and 1 years’ experience in real estate industry. Have serviced clients main include SND group, China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd, Shanghai industrial holding limited, BaiLian group, Shanghai JiuShi (group) Co., Ltd, ect…
Study aspect: Industry Study, Investment Opportunity, , Feasibility Research.
Representative Cases:
-Planning scheme of Shanghai international horse culture theme park
-Marketing study and analysis of XuHui Binjiang business district
-Business planning of Industrial upgrading for international floor at henglin town
-Study report of business development planning for green furniture at henglingtown
- Duty-free industry research of China
Ms. Angela Wang Consultant
bachelor degree of Business Administration,
Join in the Shanghai Expo commercial master plan, commercial merchants and operation,heavy experience of commercial merchants and consultant administration. Take part in some semi-conductor marketing project. Service clients mainly including Shanghai Expo Bureau, Panasonic Elec., LG , Samsung etc.
Study aspect: Commercial merchants plan, Marketing Plan, Commercial administration consultant.
Representative Cases:
- Join in system study of mid & high level cosmetic brand store
- Marketing plan of Longhua cloths & gifts market
- Function plan of Oriental Paris plot in Nanxiang, Jiading
- Shanghai Expo commercial merchant
- Shanghai Expo commercial operation project and emergency project
Mr. Arvin Lee Consultant
Bachelor degree of International Trade, qualified in Executive of Logistics. Have 7 years’ experience in foreign trade industry, 5 year’s in real estate plan & development, and about 10 years’ in consulting field. Have serviced clients main include Shanghai Jahwa, Gold TaiYuen Group, Minsheng Investment, Xian 2011 International Horticultural Expo., etc..
Study aspect: Real estate plan, Marketing plan, Competitor research, Industry research.
Representative Cases:
- Industry research of cosmetics
- Bidding invited of the designing for Gold TaiYuen Group’s Xiangmei Garden in Kunshan
- Market Research of China High-end Healthcare Services
- Xian Expo Business Planning
- Project development of service apartment
Ms. Cyan Chen Consultant
Master of finance and investment; Bachelor of business economics. Have 5 years’experience in market research. Have serviced clients main include Shanghai Jahwa United Co.,Ltd etc.
Study aspect: Industry research; competitor research; retail research.
Representative Cases:
− Retail industry research
− Typical brands analysis
− Marketing research and analysis on new products
− Analysis the accounting reports of British airlines
− Consumer behavior research
Ms. Juan Du Consultant
Master of  Management Science and Engineering
1 year management consulting and investment research experience
Research Direction: Investment research、Commercial Real Estate Planning
Zhuhai duty-free group airport duty-free shop bidding series scheme
Jiuzhoutong pharmaceutical group Taopu industrial planning scheme
The Nanning garden expo office will run a series of consultation services
Mr. Ivan Mao Consultant
Master's degree of Finance and Economics, Bachelor's degree of Engineering and Economist. Experienced in market study and management consulting. Have serviced clients mainly include Shanghai Chengtou, Shanghai Jahwa, Riverine China, etc.
Study aspect: Industry research, Enterprise research, Management Consulting.
Representative Cases:
- Daily chemical industry and enterprise research
- Enterprise group brand building action plan
- Real estate industry and enterprise research
- Property management enterprise industry certification
- Mobile phone enterprise benchmarking research
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